The Hopi tribe of Arizona, Kerri Lake,

Ephemeral Rift and Kevin MacLeod

Native American Drumming - The Hopi tribe of Arizona, Kerri Lake, Ephemeral Rift and Kevin MacLeod
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Graduated from American University of Holistic Healing

Completed Natural and Traditional Holistic Health Program

Received The Degree of Doctor of Holistic Healing 

Certified as Practitioner of Holistic Healing

Accredited, Certified & Licensed in order to provide services in: Natural Health, Ancestral, Complementary and Holistic Healing under U.S. Reg No. 5,516,582

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Heal Body, Mind & Spirit

Supervised Cleanses & Detoxes

Treatment is based on an initial in-person consultation with iridology analysis. Supervised daytime or nighttime cleanses may be prescribed for detox of digestive system, liver, kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas, appendix, or colon. Please contact for more detailed information.

Energy Healing with Black Obsidian Stones, Magnets & Acupressure

Energetic healing session to realign the chakras and open energetic meridians, de-clogging the body’s pathways and allowing for energetic and lymph drainage. Crystals, black obsidian stones, and magnets are used to cleanse psychic smog, cut attachments to destructive relationships and environments, and rebuild the aura as a shield against negativity.


Suggested for: addiction, physical pain and disease, muscle and nerve tension, breaking negative habits, stress, insomnia, depression, persistent negative thinking or lethargy.

Native Herbal Remedies & Elixirs

Detoxify and purify body, mind and spirit with carefully handmade remedies made from medicinal plants. Imbued with blessings of healing, these teas and tinctures can be ingested or worn in a medicine pouch for short term recovery and long term health and well being.

Protective Shields & Talismans

Carefully crafted with the prayer of the universe, these objects made from natural skins, feathers, shells, and other offerings from the earth, are blessed in ceremony with powerful energies of protection. Tepahteh carefully chooses spirit healing stones and prayer ties to summon the presence of particular animal totems and spirit guides. These talismans can be worn or hung in the home to create a forcefield of protection and healing.

Vibrational Sound Healing

Alignment and cleansing of physical, emotional, and spiritual energies using rattles and healing drum. Tepahteh makes the drum by hand with buffalo skin and wood from the trunk of a tree so that when played it resonates with the organic vibration of Mother Earth. Played in conjunction with ceremonial songs and prayers, this creates deep alignment with the universe in mind, body, and spirit. Can help clean the aura and release negative emotions, blockages, and pollutants by restoring the body’s cells to energetic harmony.

Therapeutic Vacuum Cupping

An ancient healing practice that involves applying a series of suction cups and moving them over the meridians of the body to increase blood, lymph, and energy flow. This can help relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair and the growth of new connective tissues and blood vessels, and release energetic blockages.

Suggested for: physical pain, inflammation, rejuvenated blood flow, stress, anxiety.

Sinus & Ear Candling

Indigenous healing practice using thin hollow candles made of natural cotton muslin and beeswax to painlessly remove impurities and toxins through the ear canal. Imbues a sense of well-being, enhanced physical health, and energetic rebalance.


Suggested for: tinnitus, sinusitis, glue ear, hay fever, allergies, excessive ear wax, colds, headaches, stress, tension, anxiety.

Indigenous Tarot Card Reading

Gain more insights into the landscape of Native American spirituality through the ancient symbols of the land. Let the Oracle Card Reading walk you between worlds of Known and Unknown and help you understand more of yourself, others around and the nature of your life. Traditional imagery and indigenous symbolism of the old wisdom will help you find clarity and deeper understanding. Spiritual healing takes many forms as we walk the path of Destiny.

Bio Resonance & Quantum Analysis

Quantum Reflex Analysis is a highly effective, quick, and accurate testing system that helps clients deal with many different ailments. Using applied Kinesiology, this unique system tests the bio-energetic status of the organs, glands, and systems of the body.

Bio-resonance is a non-invasive therapy which involves usage of electrodes, conductors, and headphones for diagnosis and treatment. The electrodes are connected to a machine which checks the energetic wavelength coming from the body, and counteracts malignant frequencies with harmonious electromagnetic waves to restore optimum energetic balance.

Suggested for: allergies, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, respiratory problems, viruses, parasites, bacteria, autoimmune disorders, insomnia, stress, depression, infertility and most physical diseases and imbalances.

Sacred Ceremonies

Tepahteh offers many traditional Native American Sacred Rituals, Healing Ceremonies and Sacraments including: 
~ TEOXIHUAZ - Ancient Nahuatl Blessing Ceremony
~ TOCAYOTIA - Water Blessing and Naming Ceremony
~ TEMAXCALLI - "Healing House of the Hot Steam" Ceremony (aka Sweat Lodge)
~ MITOTIAMEZTLI - also known as Moon Dance Ceremony
~ TEOTLAK - "Talking to the Creator Inside of Self" Ceremony (aka Vision Quest)
~ AMOLLI TAITAWARI - Native Fire Purification Ritual
~ AMOLLI POPOCHTLI- Indigenous Purification Ritual for blessing and protection
~ TONAWARI Sacrament - "Healing with the Energy of the Sun"
~ KUYUMARI Sacrament - "Healing of Blue Deer"
~ SANANGA Sacrament - to increase visualization and spiritual perception

~ H’A-PÈH Sacrament - Cleansing Ceremony with Sacred Tobacco
These ceremonies are held across the United States, Mexico and Europe. Please contact Tepahteh directly for more detailed information. Sign up for the newsletter and visit the EVENTS page for announcements about upcoming community gathering circles, ceremonies and retreats.

Spiritual Coaching & Shamanic Guidance

One-on-one sessions with Tepahteh available in person or remotely via Skype for anyone seeking personalized guidance or more in-depth teachings about indigenous ways and ancient medicine. Please contact Tepahteh for more information.